Cernunnos (Deer console table) by Santos Bregaña & Javier Zunda for Numena

152 cm. x 40 cm. x 100 cm.
Bronze & Stainless steel

Description: Cernunnos was inspired by the thought of a wild animal, a deer, walking through the ruins of an abandoned city. It started with a sketch in a notebook, with the idea of a sacred animal but also a geometric object, rising from its own folded skin like bronze origami. Its skin is the night, with its stars, true and invented, and it emerges from mathematics to stand without apparent effort. It is a cupboard, a console table. Its stomach has doors and its interior is leather. Its door handles are birds; there is a section to keep keys in, and inside there is a secret compartment with a promise. The antlers are branches made of cast steel, a magnolia tree where you can hang your coats, hats and dreams.