In our specialised consultancy for commercial departments in the field of artistic foundries, we offer comprehensive support in every phase of your project. Our services include:

  1. Project Search: We are dedicated to identifying project opportunities that align with your goals and capabilities, ensuring you focus on viable and relevant projects.
  2. Feasibility Advice: We thoroughly evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of your works, providing you with key information for informed decision-making.
  3. Price Review: We conduct a comprehensive cost and pricing analysis, helping you establish competitive rates that effectively position you in the market.
  4. Conceptual Advice: We collaborate with you in the conceptualisation and development of your works, ensuring they convey the vision and message you desire.
  5. Presentation Creation: We design professional presentations that showcase your works, facilitating their promotion and sale.
  6. Technical Guidance: We offer technical guidance to ensure the quality of your works, from material selection to casting processes.

Our consultancy is designed to take your projects to the next level in the exciting world of artistic casting. We provide the support you need to effectively achieve your commercial and artistic goals, ensuring that your works shine in the market and find their place in art history.

In our studio, a team of talented modelers will take your concept from the initial idea to its three-dimensional realization. We have experience with a variety of media, including foam, clay, plaster, and plasticine. Our model creation department works closely with our Digital Studio for scaling up and down, but when appropriate, we apply traditional methods to ensure that your vision comes to life in the most authentic and effective way.

At Alfa Arte, we understand that turning a vision into reality requires a careful and meticulous approach. Our design team collaborates closely with artists, architects, and designers to transform their concepts into concrete and feasible designs, ready for execution.

We specialize in researching and advising on the most suitable materials and manufacturing methods, combining exceptional aesthetics with practical functionality. In this way, we create designs, plans, and visualizations that achieve a perfect balance between artistic vision and the realities of manufacturing and budget.

At Alfa Arte, we also take pride in our transparency in the creative process. Before embarking on any project, we establish a clear and detailed budget so that our clients are fully informed from the outset. With the assistance of our highly trained team and state-of-the-art technology, every detail is executed with precision and passion, marking the exciting beginning of the creation of unique sculptures.

In our foundry, we breathe life into artworks using the lost wax casting technique. This process begins by pouring wax into a negative rubber mould to create a hollow piece. Subsequently, a system of channels and a suspended core with steel supports are added, and the wax is coated with a ceramic shell.

Once the wax is removed, molten metal is poured into the cavities previously occupied by the wax. The ceramic shell is broken, and the channel system is removed by our skilled artisan, who ensures that the surface texture is restored to the artist’s original detailed sculpture. This meticulous process ensures that each artwork created using the lost wax casting technique is an authentic and precise expression of the artist’s vision.

Sand casting is an efficient and cost-effective alternative, especially for large-scale works. Many monumental bronze sculptures with relatively simple textures are ideal for this method.

In this process, every detail of the artist’s model is carefully formed in the sand. Once completed, the pieces are disassembled, the model is removed, and the core is formed. Then, the mould is reassembled, and the casting process takes place. After cooling, the sand molds are disassembled, and the channel system and core are removed. Our skilled artisans are responsible for assembling the components and restoring the sculpture to the artist’s original detailed vision.

Sand casting is a versatile technique that allows us to preserve the essence of each artwork, ensuring that every detail is captured accurately, and the artist’s vision is authentically reflected in the final sculpture.

Our metalwork spans various disciplines and materials to craft outstanding sculptures. The process of refining sculptures is divided into two areas: small-scale works, where primarily lost-wax castings are carried out and hand-finished to achieve finely crafted surfaces, and large-scale works, where sand-cast panels are adeptly assembled onto their frames.

At Alfa Arte, we don’t limit ourselves to bronze casting alone; we also work with a variety of other metals, including steel, stainless steel, super duplex 360 steel, and aluminium. This broadens the possibilities for our clients to bring their artistic visions to life in metal.

We foster diversity in skills among our artisans and encourage them to practice both disciplines to maintain a high standard of quality in every project. Our passion for metal and dedication to craftsmanship enable us to create unique metal sculptures that capture the essence of the artist’s vision in every detail.

We offer this service, capable of creating moulds from a wide range of materials and in any scale, from miniatures to monumental pieces.

Our wax moulding service range is designed to accommodate different project types and budgets. We provide everything from simple and cost-effective moulds to traditional plaster moulds with poured rubber, ensuring exceptional details.

At Alfa Arte, we supply both moulds and wax pieces ready for casting, all tailored to your budget and specific needs. We are eager to discuss your moulding requirements to ensure the best results in every project.

Thanks to our efficient cost structure, we can produce wax pieces quickly and at competitive rates.

The application of patinas and finishes is a crucial stage in the production of sculptures in bronze, aluminium, and steel. At Alfa Arte, we have a team of experts in patination and finishing who work closely with artists to achieve the perfect finish.

We employ a variety of techniques, from chemical patination to painting, to enhance and enrich sculptures. In addition to traditional options for bronze, we offer a range of finishes for aluminium and some limited choices for steel.

An increasing number of sculptors choose to explore the possibilities of painted surfaces. At Alfa Arte, we have developed various techniques such as spraying, stencilling, staining, weathering, and hand painting to enable artists to express themselves uniquely.

We are committed to providing artists with the freedom to experiment with the surface of their works and collaborating closely to achieve the desired finish. At Alfa Arte, we transform your sculptures into exceptional pieces.

We excel as specialists in the restoration and maintenance of sculptures in bronze, aluminium, and steel. Our expertise extends to museums, galleries, private collections, and public artworks. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can stabilize and restore these works of art, returning them to their original splendour for display.

Our team of artisans is highly skilled and possesses the necessary experience to expertly preserve, restore, and care for artworks. We offer a wide range of preservation services, including consultancy in preventive conservation, examination, and the preparation of reports on the condition of artworks, conservation treatments, and the creation of maintenance plans. At Alfa Arte, we take pride in the stewardship and maintenance of these masterpieces, ensuring their preservation for present and future generations.

We provide comprehensive solutions for the installation, logistics, and storage of sculptures. Our highly trained and experienced team takes care of handling and placing artworks, creating customized packaging, installing exhibitions, storing sculptures, and maintaining outdoor collections.

Under the supervision of our project managers, we approach each installation with precision and care. Our services encompass everything from safe handling and packaging of artworks to their transportation, whether nationally or internationally, and their assembly at the desired location. At Alfa Arte, we are committed to ensuring that each sculpture is optimally installed and stored, preserving its integrity and safeguarding it for future generations.


At Alfa Arte, we understand that every project is unique and requires a personalized approach. We value the importance of building connections and recognize that the foundation of every successful project lies in identifying shared goals. Subscribe to our services and join us on the journey to bring your unique artistic visions to life. Together, we will explore the best solutions tailored to the needs of your individual project.