¨Vulpes¨ Fox Jewellery Box by Santos Bregaña & Javier Zunda for Numena

71 cm. x 25,5 cm. x 66 cm.
Bronze & Stainless steel

Description: Vulpes is perhaps a vixen rather than a dog fox, as experts in these matters say that this posture is not that of a male animal, and it is more than possible that it is so. She scents the air, conscious of everything around her, sniffing and litening to all. She is heir to the same dream as her brother Cernunnos, and is ‘born of the same skin, in this case tattooed with a map where we have hidden the treasure’. It has a chest to store, for example, jewellery. A spherical steel mirror reminds us that the essential is invisible to the eyes. Its legs are made of steel and the inside of the chest is polished brass. Two cast butterflies make the hinges of the chest.